Seminar, Monday, 9/18/2017

304 Gore

Welcome Back!

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  • Fastwrite (10 minutes): What did you do in your summer vacation? Or, to be more exact, what did you do on your curriculum unit in your summer vacation? Please briefly describe your unit, as you now see and plan it, for the other members of this seminar. Tell us who your students are, what you want to teach them how to write, and why. Conclude by mentioning one thing that really excites or pleases you about your unit, and one thing that worries you or that you haven’t quite figured out yet. We’ll read these aloud, and see how we can help each other move forward.

Developing Your Curriculum Unit: Some Thoughts From Joe [Handout]

For Next Week (9/25/2018)

  • Please bring two readings with you to seminar that you plan to use in developing your unit.. One should be for you—an article or book that you will use to ground or inform the work you do in designing and teaching your unit. The other should be for your students—a piece you will assign them to read and perhaps use as a model for their own writing. In most cases, I think it will work best if you bring actual print copies of these texts to seminar, but if it makes more sense to send me hyperlinks, please do so before 4:00 pm next Monday.
  • Please read (or re-read) the first three pieces (Bear, Berry, Bliss) in the Touchstone Anthology. We’ll talk about how they do or don’t fit into the four types of nonfiction I proposed last spring (memoir, reporting, interviewing, criticism).

Seminar, Monday, 5/01/2017

308 Gore


Fastwrite (10 minutes): Tell a story about a good experience you’ve had with writing—a moment when you felt you accomplished something, or when you had some fun. Make your story as engaging as you can. Don’t just summarize. Show what happened. Set the scene, describe the people involved, tell how events unfolded.  I’ll ask you to read this piece aloud to introduce yourself to the seminar.

The Goals of This Seminar

  • To explore nonfiction as a fourth genre of creative writing (in addition to fiction, poetry, and drama).
  • To create a curriculum unit for your students that guides them in writing a piece of creative nonfiction.

What Is Creative Nonfiction?

For Next Week (Monday, 5/08)

  1. Follow this WordPress site. Read through the materials on it, and ask me any questions you may have.
  2. Bring your preferred writing tools (laptop, tablet, or pen and paper) with you to seminar.
  3. Begin collecting examples of (a) nonfiction pieces you admire and enjoy reading, and (b) nonfiction pieces your students might use as models for their own writing.