Date Seminar Work Due
May 1 Intro  
May 8 Subject and Voice  
May 15 Four Kinds of Nonfiction  
May 22 Working Toward a Prospectus A creative nonfiction piece for your students
August 28   Prospectus due
September 15   Responses from Joe
September 18 Remembering Present prospectus and summer reading
September 25 Observing  
October 2 Conversing  
October 9 Responding  
October 16   Unit writing assistance
October 30 Lamott (1) First draft of unit
November 6 Lamott (2)  
November 13-22   Conference with Joe about first draft
November 27 TBD  
December 4 TBD  
December 11   Unit writing assistance
December 18   Second draft of unit
January 15   Responses from Joe
January 22   Final draft of unit