Seminar, Monday, 5/01/2017

308 Gore


Fastwrite (10 minutes): Tell a story about a good experience you’ve had with writing—a moment when you felt you accomplished something, or when you had some fun. Make your story as engaging as you can. Don’t just summarize. Show what happened. Set the scene, describe the people involved, tell how events unfolded.  I’ll ask you to read this piece aloud to introduce yourself to the seminar.

The Goals of This Seminar

  • To explore nonfiction as a fourth genre of creative writing (in addition to fiction, poetry, and drama).
  • To create a curriculum unit for your students that guides them in writing a piece of creative nonfiction.

What Is Creative Nonfiction?

For Next Week (Monday, 5/08)

  1. Follow this WordPress site. Read through the materials on it, and ask me any questions you may have.
  2. Bring your preferred writing tools (laptop, tablet, or pen and paper) with you to seminar.
  3. Begin collecting examples of (a) nonfiction pieces you admire and enjoy reading, and (b) nonfiction pieces your students might use as models for their own writing.

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